Mcleod Ganj – Little Town of Dysentery (Day 4-9)


Last time we left you we were about to get on a bus to go north. Good news, we made it to the mountains! It took 9 hours on two crowded, sweaty, non-air-conditioned buses through some of the smellier parts of India. The bus driver completely believed in the idea that ‘might is right’, and as we hit the windy mountain roads he knocked it up a gear and went full rally driver on us. Needless to say we needed a nap afterwards.

A few more highlights;

Mcleod Ganj (where we are staying) has a heavy Tibetan influence due to this being in close proximity to the home of the in-exile Dali Lama. Along with this Tibetan influence comes absolutely stunning views right outside our door.

Some hotel rooms come with mints on the pillow or swan shaped towels; ours came with Donald and Goofy bed sheets, a spider as big as Jamie’s hand, and thankfully, a bucket in the corner with which to cage said beastie.

We were feeling quite pleased with ourselves for not getting ill like our two Australian friends; unfortunately our moment of triumph was short lived as it turns out Delhi belly is not just something you pick up in Delhi. Jamie was up all night becoming acquainted with the toilet. He is rather proud of the fact he went over 20 times in one day without dying.

First full day in our new location involved a lot of water, pills and one mammoth expedition to the local shop to restock before crawling back in to bed.

It rains in India! Who knew? We have come to both love and hate the consistent afternoon downpours. Commencing at 2:30pm, they last an hour before suddenly moving off to bother someone else. It makes it next to impossible to dry clothes.

Whilst admiring the view a family of monkeys came to welcome us. This resulted in a fun game of ‘move the washing before we get rabies’.

Our second full day here was still very much about recovery from the dreaded ‘Delhi Belly’. Activities whilst recovering included Jade and Jamie conducting a self-taught photography class, peanut butter on toast, and a dash round a temple before our stomachs dictated that we return home.

The discovery of Momo’s (Chinese like dumplings). So weird looking but so tasty, Jade has been converted by their mysterious charm.

Feeling recovered we got up at the ungodly hour of 8:30 to go and explore!

Walked to a rather impressive waterfall, rather than take the more mundane approach of following the path we decided to scramble up the river, hopping from boulder to boulder as we went.

Got caught outside at 2:30. We. Got. Soaked.

Thunder and lightning is on a completely different magnitude here. Striking some would say! (Genius, I know…)

We went to a Tibet museum, it was incredibly moving and often upsetting to see the way in which Tibetans have been treated by the Chinese. We also visited the Dali Lama’s temple.

We waited 5 days before being brave enough to try some local tea (sounds stupid, I know). We ended up having apple tea and ginger, honey, and lemon (minus the tea element); bloody lovely and wishing we could have more.


That’s about it for mountain madness. Despite various moments of sickness we had an absolutely wonderful time, and really enjoyed the laid back nature of this little mountain town.

We’re off to Delhi this evening on a much nicer bus (it has to be when they throw around the word ‘luxury’, right?). From there we will be moving on after a day or so, to Agra, where we intent to stay for a few more days. We’re busy having fun, and will update you all when we can.

P.S This was written about a day ago but internet issues prevented us from posting it then.



2 thoughts on “Mcleod Ganj – Little Town of Dysentery (Day 4-9)

  1. Get well soon both of you, hope plenty of immunity built up early on. The pics are fantastic but mountain view photo is absolutely beautiful and a memory to treasure I’m sure. Excuse duplicate (or possibly even triplicate!) comments on first post, seems to be quite a delay between posting and publishing. Agra! Taj Mahal! Can’t wait for your reaction to this very special place. X


  2. Again – a very well written document of your adventure! Chuckled loudly & got shhh’d by my sleeping room-mate.

    Very jealous of Donald & Goofey bedding, not so much envy over the spider or spilling of gutts #dehlibelly

    Waterfall looks incredible!!! Soak up the scenery but not so much the rain – I reckon you could still get a cold in India…

    I didn’t quite ‘rofl’ whilst reading about Monkey rabies – but I did ‘comt’ (Choke On My Tea).

    Stay safe – keep laughing & remember…

    Only shout at each other if there’s a fire ❤️


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