India – In a nutshell

It is a tad overdue, but we thought it was still worth rounding off India before moving on.

In short – India is stunning, in all senses of the word.


The long version is as follows;

Where we actually went – because unless you have an encyclopaedic knowledge of India, the place names we have been banging on about probably hold very little meaning.


Amritsar – Golden Temple                               Mcleod Ganj – Tibetan-esque Mountain town

Delhi        – Lotus Temple & Lodhi Park        Agra                 – Home of the Taj & Agra Fort

Jaipur       – Amer Fort & Monkey Temple    Pushkar          – Small market town

Udairpur  – Lakes & board games                  Aurangabad   – Ellora Caves

Goa            – Beaches & jungle                          Hampi            – Flintstones in the 21st century

Mysore      – Mysore Zoo & Fountain Park   Madurai          – Good food, and not much else


The stats

  • 4434km (2755 miles) covered by train, bus and rickshaw.
  • 3539 photos taken
  • 2816 photos deleted
  • 723 photos kept

Top 3 places to visit

  1. Hampi
  2. Mcleod Ganj
  3. Jaipur

Top 4 Things we did/saw

  1. Hampi – views/sunset/walks
  2. Ellora Caves
  3. Amer fort
  4. Golden Temple

Favourite food

Chana Bhatura – spicy curry made with white chick peas, served with fried leavened flat bread


Special mention goes to Barfi/Soan Papdi as Jamie’s favourite treat – condensed milk sweets


Least favourite food

Bhalla Papdi Chat – a mixture of crisps, soaked lentils, dough balls, and sweet tamarind sauce and yoghurt – AKA Cold vomit thing from the food tour, which un-ironically makes you want to vomit


Rasgulla –an Indian sweet consisting of a ball of curd cheese soaked in syrup



India is an assault on the senses. Stepping out of the airport for the first time felt like being slapped in the face with India; the heat, dust, traffic; chaos in motion. Air that smells like it is laced with spices to make the mouth water, can in the next moment take on the aroma of refuse and human waste. It is a nation of contrast in proximity, where the rough meets the smooth, and the impossibly beautiful stands next to the unsightly.

In short; India is a country full of diamonds in the rough. At its core it is a country unlike any other. Religion is not just a buzzword here, a thing to say you believe in; it is a way of life, whether you are of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Buddhist persuasion, or any of a hundred other religions dotted throughout the subcontinent.

The Indian people reflect this larger dynamic. Life is fast paced, frantic, yet they find the time to be kind to strangers. Inclusive in a way that is not often seen in the UK; willing to spend time with and speak to outsiders; their religious places became ‘our’ religious place, their food was something to be shared.

Once you are able to look past the surface chaos that is the Indian way of life the country shines, and in some ways it is brighter for its contrasting nature.

Our time in India was an amazing, and eye opening experience, one that we are unlikely to forget; a place that we would highly recommend.


That’s all for now folks!

Jade and Jamie



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