Indonesia- There’s a first time for everything (Day 115- 159)


Next on our itinerary was Indonesia.

Unfortunately we have been so busy having fun, we have fallen a little bit behind updating the blog. Whilst we haven’t got round to telling you about our new and exciting experiences, we have put together a photo album to summarise our time in Indonesia. Some say a photo speak a thousand words.


Below are two occasions when photo’s need a bit more of an explanation;

During our time away there has been several occasions when guides have been recommended for day hikes, opting for a cheap day we have never taken anyone up on this offer.

However, on this occasion we probably should have.

In the midst of the jungle we stumbled along a path until we were unable to continue. Arriving at the river we saw a couple accompanied by a guide had just made across to the other side other, but we had no idea how they did it. The water was fast moving and the surface underneath was unknown. The best idea seemed to be turning back and admitting defeat, Jamie had other ideas.

With little hesitation he immersed himself into the freezing cold water fully clothed, all apart from his walking boots, Jade watched on petrified that he would be swept off his feet and in to the near boulders. Initially unable to cross Jamie came back to assess the situation and to remove layers before going back for round 2. This time he dunked his whole body into the water hoping to hold on to some part of the river bed. About 40 minutes passed before he realised that he was not properly equipped and reluctantly abandoned the mission, Jade could finally breath again, laughing as Jamie took the opportunity to wash in the river.


Nearly every mealtime we would search around for cheap food to eat. We became quite good at eating on a budget and could pick up a main meal equivalent to approximately £1.50 or less. The food was delicious and good value for money, but we were craving something with a higher sugar content. We have cautiously tried not to have too many treats in order to keep costs down, but when we found ourselves staying next door to a frozen yogurt store, we couldn’t control ourselves.

Our relationship with frozen yogurt started slowly, we prepared one bowl and topped it with all sorts of delicious goodies and split the tasty treat; a shared cost of £2.00 each.

Giving in to temptation, we returned a further two occasions where we boldly chose not to share and each fill a bowl. The choices of yogurt ranged from plain, coconut, mango and raspberry but the best part were the toppings. A variety of treats from Oreo’s to snickers, to M&M’s and gummy bears all of which could be topped off with a generous helping on Nutella (in an easy access squeezable bottle); we were in a food heaven. The moment of truth came when we had to weigh our bowls and were confronted the cost of such luxury, the price varied from anywhere between £4 – £5.50 each.

It was a good job we kept our meals so cheap after all! 

Indonesia has turned out to be incredibly diverse taking the top spot as both of our favourite place to date. Being slightly less rural than India and significantly quieter than Thailand whilst having perfect beaches, great hiking, delicious food and very friendly locals.

The last part of our trip together is New Zealand where we hop aboard a campervan and explore, more Photo’s to come.

Jade and Jamie







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