New Zealand – Introducing Fellipe Hermes (Day 160 – 211)

New Zealand was a blast; for 7 weeks we traded guesthouses and B&Bs for a small campervan, whom we affectionately called Fellipe Hermes. Fellipe came from his number plate – FEP48 – and Hermes seemed fitting as Hermes is a god from Greek Mythology that was traditionally seen as the protector and patron of roads, boundaries and travellers (verified on Wikipedia, so it must be true!)


Most of the photos need no explaination but a few have a story or 2 behind them. So in no particular order;


We spent months travelling around some of the hottest places on the planet, and you would have thought sweat would be an issue. However for Jade it barely registered. She took 1 deodorant with her and it lasted for a whopping 169 days; that’s nearly 7 months! 



During our last few days in Indonesia Jamie noticed something a little peculiar happening on his foot. It soon spread in a wriggling and worm like pattern throughout his foot and came up in some fairly impressive fluid filled blisters on the underside of his toes. After 3 doctor visits in New Zealand he has tried everything from Anti-fungal creams, to Anti-biotics and Anti-Parasitics and is still none the wiser – nor cured unfortunately – as to what caused this mystery infection…


Hobbiton: The home of Frodo and Bilbo. Whilst meandering through New Zealand we had been slowly watching the films, as they had been filmed in New Zealand. Jamie is a massive Lord of the Rings fan and could not resist dragging Jade to the film set. What he didn’t expect was her to enjoy it as much as he did! The only downside was when the tour guide accidentally ruined the end of the final film for Jade a few days before we’d managed to finish it.


After 6 months of not really cooking for ourselves we were excited to be able to cook for ourselves again. This feeling last all of about a week before it became a chore again, however, highlights included sausage and mash at 8:45 in the morning, and cold beans and bread in the back of the van because it was raining to much outside to venture out and putting something better together.


Easter weekend was officially the week after we finished our trip. As Jamie was heading off to America and we wouldn’t be together we decided to have an early Easter egg hunt in the back of the van. It’s amazing how many places you can hide an egg in the back of the van; Jamie thought he was being cunning slotting an egg into the cigarette lighter, only to panic when he couldn’t get it out and eventually having to pry it out with tweezers. Jade’s best idea to bury eggs in the middle of the rice bag!


And now for the rest of the trip.


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